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Workshops & Courses

Intuitive Tarot with Marion.

This workshop is being held on Sunday T.B.A.
For bookings or further information please see call us at the shop on 07 3394 1866 or click on the above link to be directed to further details on Marion's website.




This Workshop is based on the best research from the fields of Psychology and self-improvement.
It is designed to assist the participant in gaining insight into their life and their spiritual journey so far and with this knowledge and understanding, to be able to create meaningful and lasting change in any, or all areas of their life Family, Relationships, Financial security, Success, Health and of course Happiness.
It will also give the participant the answers to the question concerning the repeating patterns in their lives.
The course is not designed to be confronting. There is no role playing, nor are the participants asked to share any of their less happy life experiences that they would prefer to move away from.
It is a spiritual workshop not a religious workshop.
The success of the workshop in creating long lasting automatic positive change is based on the following :

Self Image and Comfort Zones
It is important that we clearly understand that we act, work and perform in accordance with the truth, as we believe it to be.
Past experience and conditioned beliefs determine the choices and the roles that we will automatically take.

If ‘WE ARE WHAT WE THINK’ and act in accordance with the truth as we see, we then need to understand how our self image controls our life. What we expect of ourselves and how we reinforce our self image with our self talk can either continue the problems or used correctly, can become a dynamic tool for powerful, exciting and lasting change.

We will always gravitate to that which is most comfortable in our life, no matter how unpleasant or uncomfortable that situation may be
If our conscious reality doesn’t match our sub-consciously held beliefs or self image it will create stress, emotional breakdown and disorder in our lives until the sub-conscious and reality match!

If things are too good for us, we will self sabotage to bring things back to how we expect them to be

Vision and Current reality
If we are heading towards the image that we create in our minds and if our self image is based upon old habits, beliefs and attitudes, then we will automatically continue to recreate our old reality

Working with Spirit
It has been said that God is experiencing life through us, if that is true then we are already partnering with Spirit in our life and we have an energy that, used correctly can help us reshape our life.
God Is An Intelligent Energy
At our core we are an energy, a spirit having a physical experience, we come into this world with a blue print that we have worked out prior to incarnating, this blueprint contains all that we need to experience spiritually and karmically. To do this we need to create the right psychological matrix, the right  mental and emotional make up to follow that path. Once we recognise this and heal, we can open to another blueprint!

 We come into this life with a purpose and a plan. Together we will find ways to heal the wounds of the past and create an exciting new vision of our future. A future that is capable of helping you find bliss and love in your life and to impact on those around you!

God is an intelligent energy, that works through your subconscious mind, learn to tune in to the higher energy. We have the ability by creating a new philosophy to our past and future experiences to tune into a higher level of God and in so doing, open up to that new blue print, a new cooperation to that new vision.
God Wants You to Enjoy Life
You have a power inside you to help you do this, it is your soul, your soul is eternal, immortal and already perfect. Isn’t it time you let your soul free and to connect to the source of all that is?
Isn’t it Time for You!

The Workshop
Cost:  $99.00
Deposit: $50.00
(refundable with cancellation 1 week prior to course commencement )

Saturday registration 10:00 am

Course Times 10:30—4:00 pm

Please Contact Peter Langley direct for more details or to register on:

 Mob. 0423726025 (Peter)

IN Lewis Carolls "Alice in Wonderland":
was lost in the forest when she came upon the Cheshire cat asleep on one of the branches of a tree.
“Excuse me” she said to the cat.
“Please Sir can you tell me where I am ?”
“Where are you going?” The cat asked sleepily
shrugged her shoulders
“It doesn’t really matter.” She replied
“Then it doesn’t really matter where you are then does it!” the cat replied

Have you asked yourself where you are going in your life or like Alice doesn’t it really matter

Peter Langley
Mob: 0423 726 025
Manifesting With Spirit
Other classes offerred by Peter include:
Meditation Circle
Psychic Development Classes
For further info please call Peter on 0423 726 025 


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