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New Dimensions was started in November, 2001. It has been located in Stones Corner since its start date where it continues to operate as a retail store.

About Marion Wenske
In her personal readings Marion combines psychic insights and intuition with counselling skills and common sense to provide clarity and guidance into the past, present and future. The Tarot cards help her to establish a connection with a person, to get a clearer picture of their circumstances, find different perspectives and gain meaningful information to often complex life situations.

Over the years, Marions journey with the Tarot has taken her deeply into it’s images and symbolism and eventually inspired her to create her own Tarot artwork. Keeping the familiar and trusted framework of the traditional, she incorporated some new ideas, lots of vibrant colour and some photographic elements resulting in her own 78 Tarot cards. They can be seen in the free “Daily Tarot Card” section on her website.

Marion is available for psychic Tarot readings and spiritual counselling at New Dimensions on Fridays and Saturdays. (For details see Readings & Services. See also )

Marion is highly respected and has a great reputation among her continuing clientele. To make an appointment for a personal consultation with Marion please contact New Dimensions on 07 3394 1866 b/h

About Peter Langley

Peter is well known on the Spiritual church circuit for demonstrations of mediumship.
He has been working professionally as a clairvoyant/medium since 1991.
During that time he created the well known and successful “Emissaries of Light” courses to aid psychic and spiritual development.
Since 2000 Peter has been teaching “The Happiness Diet” that was developed from his many years of assisting people in personal and spiritual development and growth. It consists of the latest techniques in life coaching and Psychology.
Peter is a trained counsellor holding a Diploma of Counselling.
He is available for readings and counselling.